Marketers Who Make Blogging a Priority Are 13 Times More Likely to See a Positive Return on Investment!

(source: HubSpot)

Need Killer Optimized Content that Captivates Readers, Builds Lists,

Boosts Traffic and Drives Customers to Buy?

Of course you do!

Here’s how you can get content to help you win the conversion game. Each time, every time!

Creating content on a consistent basis isn’t always at the top of our to-do list.

It’s not that you don’t want to…

It’s just that you don’t have enough hours in the day.

Maybe you’ve been meaning to start a blog from scratch, but just can’t get it going.

Or you were posting articles regularly, then stopped when other projects took priority.

Or you do have a blog, but it just isn’t drawing the kind of traffic you’d hoped for.

The truth is…

Many online marketing strategies are no longer effective. They don’t reach and convert leads as they used to, and they interrupt people as they go about their business online.

People are busy and distracted. They have messages flying at them constantly from every corner of the internet.

And the more pop-ups and banners they see, the more likely they are to be irritated rather than intrigued by them.

According to a Microsoft study, the human attention span has narrowed to eight seconds — less than the 9-second attention span of a goldfish.

So in a highly distracted environment like this, what stands out?

Content that is relevant to the reader.

Relevant content

…that informs, educates, and entertains…

…and that speaks to the reader as if they are a thinking, feeling humans and not just prospects.

Give them content that does all these things, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Even in this age of information saturation, content remains king.

According to HubSpot, marketers who make blogging a priority are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment.

However, crafting compelling content on a consistent basis takes time and resources, and you’ve found yourself short on both.

You and your team are juggling marketing meetings and launch projects and a thousand other tasks that fill your days (and sometimes nights).

There’s just never enough time or people to focus on getting that content calendar up and running.

That’s where I come in.

Hi! I’m Carolyn Gretton, and I have been writing content for more than two decades. So trust me when I say —

With Crazy Converting Content, it ALL gets done for you, start to finish.

From content calendar to finished product…

I’ll provide you with rich, optimized content that’s targeted to your marketing cycle.

Choose the Perfect-for-your-Business Package

All three packages start with a 60-minute interactive blog content audit so you can hit the ground running with your content.

We’ll go over your current blog and identify what works and what doesn’t. And we’ll talk about topics you want to cover and how to seamlessly tie them to your marketing calendar.

Because you need content that not only helps build your list and boost traffic but encourages those visitors to buy what you’re selling.

After the audit, I’ll create a three-month calendar of blog post topics that incorporate everything we discussed.

Each topic will be tuned to your needs. And it will link with an SEO keyword that I will incorporate in the blog post itself, so you win Google glory and attract your targeted audience in one fell swoop!

The next step depends on which package you choose.

If you’re just looking for a jump-start to help you generate your own content, then the Silver package is for you.

If you have existing blog posts that are no longer fresh, we will choose 3 of those for me to optimize.

Or, if you prefer, I can review the first three posts on the content calendar I’ve created for you.

The Gold package is perfect if you love the idea of having all your content done for you.

Not only do you get the 60-minute blog content audit and the 3-month content calendar, but you’ll have me as your blog writer for three months.

Each week, I’ll create a blog post focused on the topic outlined in the calendar and hand it to you for publishing.

And I’ll do MORE than write the content.

To promote your blog content, each month I will draft an email newsletter for you to send to your list.

With the Gold Package on your side, I’ll handle all the writing for both blog and email newsletter. All you have to do is publish it.

The Platinum package is perfect if you want a little extra in terms of promotion.

You get everything in the Gold package, plus weekly email promotion of the month’s blog content.

The first week will be the email newsletter. And for each of the remaining three weeks, I’ll draft a simpler email that features that week’s blog.

BONUS!! You also get social media posts when you choose the Platinum package.

You choose two social media channels, and each week I will create three blog-focused social media posts for you to publish on those channels.

That’s not ALL!

With the Platinum package, you will also get optimization for THREE existing blog posts of your choosing each month.

Imagine the relief of knowing all your content needs are being handled… and the satisfaction of knowing your list and traffic are growing without you having to lift a finger!

That’s what Crazy Converting Content can do for you.

So, don’t wait until your leads have dried up and your traffic has slowed to a crawl.

Email me today at and let me get to work for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to provide SEO keywords for the blog posts?

Q: Do I have to provide SEO keywords for the blog posts?

A: Not at all! Optimizing your blog posts for SEO is part of the service you receive with Crazy Converting Content. Keywords will be included with the 3-month blog post calendar.

Q: Are edits included in the package?

A: One round of edits is included for each piece of content. When we schedule delivery, we’ll make sure to build in time for editing.

Q: How exactly does the content get delivered to me?

A: My preference is to use Google Documents, but I am open to other delivery methods. We can discuss this on our initial call.

Q: When can I expect the content to be delivered?

A: Once the 3-month calendar is drafted, we’ll touch base to schedule delivery of each piece of content. Each blog post will be delivered the week before it is to be published to allow time for editing.

For Gold and Platinum package clients, each month’s worth of emails will be delivered the week before the first email is scheduled to be sent.

For Platinum package clients, each week’s worth of social media posts are delivered the week before they are scheduled to go live.

Q. What does the process look like? How soon do we start after signing up?

A. The process starts immediately. Once payment is received, we’ll schedule your 60-minute interactive blog audit. From there, the schedule depends on the package you’ve purchased. (See the previous question for more details.)

If you decide after payment that you aren’t ready to begin the process just yet, not to worry! Your package is good for six months from the date of purchase. Just tell me what date you’d like to start, and I’ll make sure to block out the time on my calendar.

Q. Are there any refunds?

A. Given the time and care it takes to create your tailor-made content, my policy is not to issue refunds. We will be working closely together to make sure your content calendar is as closely matched to your needs as possible. And remember, we’ll have one round of edits on each piece produced, so there will be plenty of opportunity to get your content just right.

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