What Others are Saying About Carolyn

“A consummate storyteller…”

“Carolyn has a gift for crafting copy that captures the interest of her readers and immerses them in whatever topic she chooses. She is a consummate storyteller, able to weave an engaging narrative that can both entertain and persuade.”

Jessica King,

admissions consultant

“Ability to focus…”

“Carolyn has the ability to work in a busy environment and still remain on task. I have long been amazed by her ability to focus on the assignment in front of her no matter how noisy or chaotic things get around her.”

Kim Matthews,

operations manager

“Finds the right words…”

“Carolyn has an uncanny ability to find the right words to express a concept in the clearest, most engaging way possible. She also has one of the sharpest eyes of any editor I’ve ever worked with. She is particularly good at knowing when a given word or phrase in an author’s draft is not expressing what the author intends, and at devising better ways of articulating the idea.”

Thomas Krattenmaker,

author of Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower (2017, Random House LLC)

“Takes the lead…”

“Carolyn has a strong capability for planning and organizing. She gets her team going on ideas, helps gain consensus among its members, and takes the lead on implementing the plan.”

Susan Krauss,

management consultant

“Rolls with the punches…”

“When problems or breakdowns occur, as they sometimes do in business, Carolyn is able to roll with the punches and get to work on fixes. She uses the perspective she’s gained from the experience to quickly develop innovative solutions.”

Carole Filangieri,


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